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Photo_png2“Welcome to my virtual home!

My name is Clinton Begley and I am an estate agent in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where I practice in association with Open Realty.

My clients include: people and entities across the spectrum from first time home buyers, institutional executors, attorneys, high net worth individuals, and many lovely people in between.

As an estate agent, my clients know me for my frankness, professionalism, attention to detail, patience, and caring. In the industry I am known as an agent who has become known for accurate valuations, being efficient, an innovative and creative marketer, a tough negotiator, an experienced closer of deals, and for being fiercely loyal towards my clients.

I started out with a B.Proc four year legal degree and practiced as an admitted attorney from 1999 and thereafter as a conveyancer and estate agent in 2002. I thereafter operated two seperate practices. In 2014 after 14 years of legal practice, I took the decision to close my legal practice and focus on my real estate practice. I presently in addition to the CEA real estate qualification gained in 2002, have added the Professional Practitioner: Real Estate (PPRE) and the Master Practitioner: Real Estate (MPRE). In 2020, I plan to complete and MBA.

I look forward to getting to know you better and assisting in making your property dreams a reality.”  Clinton Begley

Mobile: +27 82 3341 585 | E-mail: clintonb@openrealty.co.za

Sales website: https://www.openrealty.co.za

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