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“Welcome! I broker real estate deals because I love it and I am great at it.

Where I am today is the culmination of a legal degree, over 14 years of legal practice (as an attorney and conveyancer), over 15 years of negotiating and brokering real estate deals; and my passion for constant learning and augmenting my skills. It was in my 2nd year of MBA studies that I saw the need to specialise in real estate and moved to the non-practising roll of attorneys and conveyancers – to focus on real estate.

It was a personal decision to focus my energies on real estate. It has taken me well over a decade to be at this point in my career where I can offer a truly unique package of experience, knowldge, skills, and creativity – which is hard to beat.

And most of all, I get awesome results for my clients.”  Clinton Begley

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