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Photo_png2“My name is Clinton Begley and I am an estate agent in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where I practice in association with Open Realty and our awesome team.

My clients include: people and entities across the spectrum from first time home buyers, institutional executors, attorneys, high net worth individuals, and so many incredible people in between.

As an estate agent I am known for my frankness, professionalism, attention to detail, patience, and caring. In the industry I am known as an estate agent who has become known for accurate valuations, being efficient, innovative, a creative marketer, a tough negotiator, an experienced closer of deals, and for being fiercely loyal towards my clients.

I started out with a B.Proc four year legal degree and practiced as an admitted attorney from 1999 and thereafter as a conveyancer and estate agent in 2002. I thereafter operated two seperate practices. In 2014 after 14 years of legal practice, I took the decision to close my legal practice and focus on my real estate practice.

I presently in addition to the CEA real estate qualification gained in 2002, have added the Professional Practitioner: Real Estate (PPRE) and the Master Practitioner: Real Estate (MPRE). In 2020, I plan to complete an MBA.

I look forward to getting to know you better and assisting in making your property dreams a reality.”  Clinton Begley

Mobile: +27 82 3341 585 | E-mail: clintonb@openrealty.co.za

Sales website: https://www.openrealty.co.za

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