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I negotiate property and business sales in Port Elizabeth, South Africa; where I leverage my legal, business experience, and my creative passion for freelance writing and photography.

Life is a journey and building a professional career is no different.

My professional career began with a law degree and my later admission as an attorney, notary, and conveyancer.

In 2002, I wrote the estate agent’s board exam (CEA), to better understand the work of estate agents. Little did I know in 2002 that it would become my profession. In 2014, after 14 years in legal practice, I ceased practicing as a lawyer and specialised in property and business sales. I also elected to write both the Professional Practitioner: Real Estate (PPRE) and the Master Practitioner: Real Estate (MPRE) professional designation exams.

It was a decision I made because I love working with property and people. It was a way of securing a more family friendly profession, while using my knowledge, and where my studies towards an MBA could also further allow me to provide a unique professional service which would truly differentiate my value proposition.

When I am not negotiating real estate transactions or consulting with clients, I am writing or spending time with my family.”  Clinton Begley

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