A person is more than just formal learning, qualifications, and accreditations. A person is also their life experiences and their interactions.

005I was born in the historic city of Kimberley (the first city to have electric street lights in SA). The great thing about Kimberley is that you learn to be bilingual because Afrikaans is the language spoken by most in the area. I matriculated from Kimberley Boys High School. The following year was spent in the SADF is the Air Force, which luckily lasted only a year.

I following year I studied law at UPE because the university offered classes in both English and Afrikaans.

After graduating with a B.PROC (four-year law degree), I started my articles and in 1999, I was admitted as an attorney. I practised for the next few years as a professional assistant (attorney who is not a partner in the firm), during which time I qualified as a notary (2001), and then as conveyancer (2002). It was then that I opened my own practice where I did general law, with a focus on property law.

In 2002, I also decided to write the Estate Agency Affairs Board’s CEA qualification.

In 2012, I joined another legal practice, principally because the owner was the principal of a national franchise and it would be an awesome opportunity. I was keen to get involved in the real estate side of the business because I must admit to more than a passing addiction to closing property deals.

In 2015 I had the privilege of launching Bold Real Estate (Pty) Ltd which would practice as BOLD REALTY until I joined the Open Realty team  in 2019.

As of 2018, I have the following experiences and learning:

16 years as an estate agent

  • 16 years as an estate agent
  • 14 years of general legal practice experience;
  • 12 years of specialist conveyancing practice experience;
  • 13.5 years of experience as a principal estate agent;
  • 2.5 years as manager/team leader working for an agency;


  • B.Proc (UPE);
  • CEA (EAAB);
  • PPRE (Professional Practitioner: Real Estate: 2013);
  • MPRE (Master Practitioner: Real Estate: 2013)
  • Certificate in Project Management (with Distinction)
  • MBA (In process)

My Commitment:

I will be at your side from your decision to sell until well after the successful conclusion of your sale. I will be detail focussed because the success of a property transaction relies on an agent who not only sells but anticipates and manages aspects of the sale so that they do not become problems. My experience as a conveyancer allows me to leverage that knowledge not only to flag possible problems but also to effectively liaise with the conveyances to maximise their value. My advanced business school training allows be to analyse, research, and optimise your outcome.

Contact me:

Cell phone: 082 3341 585 | Message

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