Estate Agency: Agent or Brand (which makes the difference)?

Choosing the right agent for you is easy. Or is it? Well, it should be. After all, almost everywhere you go there are billboards, pole signs, for sale boards, adverts, get the idea. It was once noted on a social media post by a visitor to Port Elizabeth, that if you want to be... Continue Reading →

Valuing a Property – Can you replace the human element?

Value is a tricky thing to define, precisely because it is so subjective. The Oxford Dictionary once provided the following definition: "1 the worth, desirability, or utility of a thing, or the qualities on which these depend" This brings on to slightly more property focussed definition, which is often quoted: "The most probable price that a... Continue Reading →

Can Attorneys Sell Property – An Alternate Perspective

There has been concern among some estate agents who have taken issue with lawyers acting as estate agents and engaging as such with the public at large. There have also been a few articles written fervently defending the rights of attorneys to practice another profession unrestrained. But maybe let's not try and shoehorn the law... Continue Reading →

So you think more agents will get it sold, …think again.

I read an article by  Debbie Justus-Ferns, divisional manager of Renprop Sales, which was interesting titled: "Selling property: 4 pitfalls of using multiple agents". In which she mentioned creating the wrong impression, double commission claims, legal action around false expectations, and the danger of a breach in security. It was indeed a very - to the... Continue Reading →

Unmet Expectations: the Cause of Problems in Property & Business Purchases?

In my experience, the biggest cause of negative consequences when people buy property or business is most likely: unmet expectations. It does not matter if these expectations were communicated or to the degree that such communication took place. The buyer feels shortchanged, cheated, tricked, duped, beguiled - you get the idea. This simple root cause is... Continue Reading →

Selling? How much will I get out?

Selling your home? But how much will you get out? So often sellers are so excited at the idea of what they plan to do after they sell that they do not pause and consider what will they get out of their sale and will it be enough, for what they planned. But should the... Continue Reading →

So how does the municipal value of a property affect its rates?

In Port Elizabeth, South Africa the local authority known in SA as the municipality collects rates, along with other utility fees. In accordance with its mandate, it budgets an amount to be collected via rates and this, in turn, is allocated based on the valuation of the property less R15,000 * by a billing factor.... Continue Reading →

Would a practising lawyer make a better estate agent?

It is only human to see the world through a lens which supports our personal assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions. From birth, our understanding of the world is crafted by our experiences, by what we identify with, and our choice of career also definitely colours our perspective. Although I am estate agent now by profession, it was... Continue Reading →

Sharing – It’s An Agent Thing

As children, we are all taught to share - because it's the right thing do. As we grow up, sometimes we forget. In the real estate profession in Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay - we tend to share a lot. What "sharing" am I talking about here? "Sharing" is where one agent (the listing agent)... Continue Reading →

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