Normally my posts are focussed on property and adding value to people interested in property but this post is something very different. This topic for this post is the impact and creative power of the words, "I am". Betty Eadie once said: "If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more... Continue Reading →

Decluttering – In an age of clutter

Whether you are thinking of selling your home or whether you are still very happy in your home, clutter is a challenge. Studies claim that clutter causes stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, and even possibly depression. In the words of Wendell Berry: Don't own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house... Continue Reading →

10 Things to Look at when Buying a Home

It matters little, whether you are selling or buying, the process is inherently stressful. The best way to mitigate your risks and greatly reduce your stress is getting the right team around you, so it goes without saying make sure you have the best agent, which is key to a successful and as stress-free experience,... Continue Reading →

Certificates of Compliance (Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Let’s talk about Compliance Certificates (or CC’s), in residential home sales in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. When you sell a residential home in Port Elizabeth, whether you may be aware of it for not, there is going to be at least one compliance certificate in your future, as the seller. Let’s look as these very... Continue Reading →

Hourglass Pricing in a Tough Property Market: A Market Perspective

Are seller pricing themselves out of the market? And if so what is the figurative magic bullet to settling the perfect for perfect price for that specific home, at that specific time? You do not need to be an active professional estate agent to know that property prices in South Africa, are as a whole,... Continue Reading →

‘I Don’t want to give an estate agent a sole mandate!’ (20 Reasons why this may not be the best idea)

In real estate, especially in a tough economy, sellers may be more tempted than ever, to consider options that they normally would not have ever considered. After all, most people would like to avoid aspects of selling a property, like: MULTIPLE COMMISSION CLAIMS - This is where more than one agency claims commission from the... Continue Reading →

Considering building a rental unit at your home?

Please note this article is for information purposes only and as such is not professional advice. Ultimately, facts differ from case to case and one should not rely on general advice when considering a specific scenario and appropriate professionals need to be consulted before deciding on any course of action. In today's economy, it makes... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Sales Re-Imagined

The property profession in South Africa, needs to be reinvented. It's not going to happen with the new Bill, which is in my humble opinion ill-conceived, does not address the real problems, and appears to be the path to a massive crisis in the profession. Let's for a moment imagine that nothing exists and we... Continue Reading →

The Draft Expropriation Bill, 2019 some random personal thoughts, observations, and questions.

[Please note this is a personal opinion by an estate agent - not an attorney and it is of interest value only and cannot in any way be used or relied upon in any way. If you need advice on the Bill, go and consult your legal advisor] The Draft Expropriation Bill (see the link... Continue Reading →

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