beautiful-house-wallpaper-hd-1 (1)Thinking of selling your home in Port Elizabeth, South Africa?

You need to get a professional property practitioner on your side, but who?

It can be confusing after all, with smiling faces on almost every bus stop, light pole, and yes, even the rubbish bins. Then there are the mountains of printed marketing material all trumpeting some agent and/or their brand of choice.

But what should you be looking for in an estate agent? May I suggest an approach suggested by Stephen Covey – start with the end in mind.

Most sellers want a successful sale of their property so that they can achieve their goals, going forward, whatever they may be; with the least inconvenience and in the shortest time. Now, considering that selling your home is regarded as one of the most stressful activities you can go through in your life – so less stress would be great. And finally, peace of mind. This can only come from being sure that you have an estate agent who is not only registered to practice as such but has been proven to be competent. Given that property is deceptively technical and that an oversight here can be stressful and most likely costly – so often this fact is neglected and the seller rests in blissful ignorance.

How can I help place your mind at rest?

  • I have a B.Proc (UPE) degree which provides me with a proven legal background;
  • Although I ceased legal practice in 2014, I was admitted as an attorney (1999), a notary (2001), and as a conveyancer (2002) – which provided me with practice experience as a conveyancer of 12 years;
  • In 2002, I wrote and passed the EAAB’s CEA qualification which allowed me to open an estate agency in 2002;
  • As a principal estate agent, I have 10 years experience and as an agent 12 years experience;
  • I have operated both in the Jawitz Properties and Keller Williams brands, the later I was the local founding team leader until I left to begin Bold Realty.
  • I recognized that in an increasingly demanding environment, advanced business knowledge was required in finance, marketing, and management which lead me to commence studies towards an MBA degree, of which only the dissertation remains;
  • In recent years the EAAB dramatically increased the knowledge requirements to practice and introduced the Professional Practitioner: Real Estate (PPRE) and the Master Practitioner; Real Estate (MPRE) professional designations for property practitioner who wrote and passed the respective exams (proven competence);
  • I have also added to my legal, real estate, and business skills by adding skills vital to my real estate knowledge: such as photography, image enhancement, and statistical analysis;
  • I also constantly read to augment my skills and knowledge; and
  • Am fully compliant with the professionally imposed minimum continuing education program.

This is indeed a unique skill set and proven knowledge, but so what?

Imagine the peace of mind that you will experience knowing that every aspect of your sales is being handled by a professional who has both real estate knowledge and experience but also the experience of dealing with title deeds, sectional title legislation, communal living regulations, servitudes, and so much more.

Would this not mean that challenges are recognized early and turned to your advantage – not lurking in the background and surprising you when it may have already caused harm?

Does this make the experience more tedious? Quite the opposite all this work and investigation goes in behind the scenes and you can relax in the knowledge that I have this covered?

If there are issues, like:

  • Distressed sales – I have experience negotiating with banks and their attorneys;
  • Estates – I have wound up estates and acted for executors, what an advantage;
  • Interdicts on the title deed – we spot it early and the conveyancers can get an early start on getting them removed; and
  • Servitudes – depending on their nature it will affect the sale.

But am I the only professional on deck?

No, given that I originally came from a professional consulting background, I recognize the benefits of surrounding my client with the right professionals, at the right time. I do not pretend to know everything, on the contrary, this is a dangerous and reckless attitude. Instead, we involve conveyancers, commercial attorneys, attorneys from other legal disciplines, mortgage originators, banks, sworn values, home inspectors, surveyors, builders, architects, financial advisors, etc.

Why do you not see me advertising prolifically? the answer is simple, in that I only work by personal referrals and prefer to focus my resources on advertising my clients’ property, not myself. That is a vital distinction to understand that as an agent the amount of marketing on self-promotion does not translate into a commitment to do the same for your home. It is my belief that I would rather spend more on promoting my client’s property than myself.

Do I get results?

My last few sales were all concluded within less than a week on average, where the average time for a property sale in Nelson Mandela Bay is 15 weeks according to a recent FNB Property report.

I have not gone into great depth as everything that I can do for you. However, it is always best to meet face to face and we can discuss how you can leverage my skills, knowledge, and experience and get you the most optimal deal.

But this must cost a lot with some agencies asking up to 7%. I generally work on a 5% commission, however I am negotiatible, depending on the terms of the mandate. Its all about finding a win-win agreement.

I look forward to meeting you and your family.




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